Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Legal Bloggers Can Learn from Non-Legal Bloggers

There's an art to blogging. It's a form of itself. Subtle, but not difficult. But easy to get wrong. Blogging is not like law school. Blogging is not about dense, wordy, thick, verbose and impenetrable prose like the stuff in legal journals.

It's about being light, airy and bouncy. It's to be written the way you talk as Kevin O'Keefe of LexBlog said.
"Blog as you talk. It’s a conversation after all. If you cite cases and use footnotes when out to eat with clients, then have it when blogging. If you don’t, leave them at home when blogging."
And if you're still unsure then we need to ask: how do you get better? My answer is: watch the best writers and observers in the blogging game. Kevin O'Keefe said the same thing:
"Develop your own blogging style from following successful bloggers. You may learn the most from non-law bloggers such as Dave Winer, the folks at Copy Blogger, Jeff Bullas, and Mashable writers."
Some of my favourite non-legal bloggers are the likes of Matt Yglesias of Slate Magazine and the man in the cartoon below.

Then there's Andrew Sullivan of the hugely read Dish and also the man in the cartoon below.


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