Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Croudsourced Law-making

Finland is getting ready to use crowdsourcing as a means of creating new law. Heavens above, a croudsourced law-making system - is there something there for us in Great Britain in central government and across the devolved legislatures?
"Earlier this year (2013), the Finnish government enabled something called a “citizens’ initiative”, through which registered voters can come up with new laws – if they can get 50,000 of their fellow citizens to back them up within six months, then the Eduskunta (the Finnish parliament) is forced to vote on the proposal."
Though, it's rightly noted that we have something similar in GB. Albeit a lot more mechanical and citizen-unfriendly.
"Assuming they get their 50,000 signatures, each will have to be voted on by the Eduskunta. Compare that with, for example, the UK system – there, an e-petition that garners 100,000 backers wins the grand prize of being considered by a government back-office and maybe being discussed in Parliament."

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