Sunday, 9 June 2013

Law Students Aren't Using the Web with their Career in Mind

In the words of Richard Susskind we all know that "most lawyers are pathologically late adopters of IT." Though it will come. It'll just take a little longer. Susskind again:
"Despite promising, early successes, until the worth of an emerging technology is proven beyond reasonable doubt it will not generally be embraced by the legal world."
Anyway, how are the young generation of law students, tomorrow's lawyers doing? As a part-time university lecturer Brian inkster has a genuine insight. Back in January 2011 Brian Inkster ran a straw poll: during a lecture to over 150 law students he asked them a number of questions regarding their web presence. Here's what he found:
"Of the 165 students it transpired that nearly all of them were on Facebook but only 4 on Twitter, 7 on LinkedIn, 1 on Quora and 2 had their own blog/website."
Brian Inkster then cited a comment made by a reader on his blog:
"Clearly, and the data in your post makes this point many times over, young lawyers need to teach themselves how to use social media for their careers. They cannot wait for their firms to catch up–not if they wish to build self-sustaining practices, not if they wish to survive this economy and the coming revolution in the delivery of legal services."
Read Brian's post in full here.

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