Friday, 7 June 2013

Chris Grayling's Consultation - 'Transforming Legal Aid'

This post is all about giving you the important facts and opinions you need to know about the Ministry of Justice consultation paper, “Transforming legal aid”; how the process panned out and how it was received etc.

The consultation process closed June 4 2013 and over 13,000 responses were received:

The irrepressible legal/barristerial tweeter, Adam Wagner did his thing to drive up the responses:

The Law Society of England and Wales gave a response: which you can read here. Though they were criticised for their slow response:

The Bar Council gave a stat-heavy response which you can read here.

The leading barrister on human rights in the UK and leading legal tweeter, Adam Wagner (@AdamWagner1) helped to draft a response for his chambers, 1 Crown Office Row (@1CrownOfficeRow) which you can read here.

The Treasury Counsel gave their response and their full weight of opposition in an open letter available here. And another response to the consultation in the tweet below.

A few more:


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