Tuesday, 11 June 2013

'Tweeting in Convoy', Ctd

I've discussed the idea of 'tweeting in convoy' on this blog before here. And as is my habit, the idea has been growing and seeking out new avenues.

The latest musings have come from a great a post entitled: "Empowering your law firm employees to be social media ambassadors". There were two highlights.

"Claim the law firm. Encourage your employees to proudly fly your firm name and link on their Facebook wall or Twitter bio."
"Promote re-sharing. Once an employee has opted in to your firm’s social media networks, they’ll be exposed to regular updates. Empower them to share and retweet updates from your brand that they are excited about and moved by. Doing so you’ll connect with those on their networks."
Oh and one last one:

"Law firms are ultra conservative on activities such as this. But social media is all about being social — it takes people interacting with people to make it work for your firm. 
Rather than have your employees steward social media in the firm’s name, why not have your employees personally using the social networks they are already using in way that extends the firm’s brand?"
Throughout that post there is not one mention of "tweeting in convoy" but the concept is being directly referred to between the lines and in between the words. Original blog post in full here.

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