Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tweeter of the Week

We announce the fourth ever "Tweeter of the Week". Read on to see who it is.

This week's "Tweeter of the Week" Mr. Barra Best

We identified this week's “Tweeter of the Week” by scoring them on a number of criteria: level of interaction, frequency of Tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, humour, informativeness, consistency and overall Twitter experience they give you.

And so the fourth ever "Tweeter of the Week" award goes to: as the picture above suggests, Northern Ireland's favourite weatherman, Barra Best!

Barra Best is the resident weatherman for the BBC in Northern Ireland and is very popular among TV viewers and people on the Twittersphere alike. He Tweets from @barrabest and does Twitter very well. Through his regularly updated Twitter feed Barra has established himself as an open, friendly, informative, engaging, fun, cool, caring and up to date guy. So let’s see how he scored:

Level of interaction and engagement - Barra engages with anybody and everybody on Twitter with '@mentions', '@replies' and retweets. His Twitter interactions often centre on the weather but he’ll be just as likely to have a chat or a bit of fun with his fans and followers. Overall he is one of the most interactive personalities on Twitter which is a great attribute to have – not an ego Tweeter at all!  


Frequency of Tweets – Barra Tweets very regularly and consistently broadcasts engaging, informative and fun content.

We haven't seen any periods of prolonged inactivity which is great to see. However there was one day when he didn’t Tweet until midday which left his Twitter fans to go through the morning without the invaluable weather updates we’ve come to love!


Biography – This is a real strong point for our Besty. We actually took him up on this a few months ago when we said his bio was a weakness when we named him in our list of Top 5 Northern Ireland Tweeters. Back then his bio was pretty dry and stilted but after our slight criticisms he gave has given his bio an overhaul. Now his bio is light, open and friendly. And importantly, he has included a link address which gives you more information about Barra.

Top marks here and others could really learn from him.


Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page - Now this is where Mr. Best really comes into his own! Like his Bio, we took him up on this a few months ago when his Twitter page was just run of the mill. Now Barra’s Twitter page is one of the best you’ll find. His background is fantastic and weather related and his two feature pictures are really very good too.

All round a fantastically composed Twitter page!


Humour – Barra can be a bit of a Twitter comedian which is fantastic to have on the Twitter follow list. He’s not going to be on Mock the Week any time soon but nevertheless a funny guy deserving of high marks for this area.


Informativeness - Full marks without question. Barra is one of the most informative Tweeters you’ll come across. Of course he is a journalist and that is their day job, but Barra does it with real style and consistency. Barra will often post weather forecasts, weather pics and just general guidance.


Consistency – Barra Tweets with real flair and with both quantity and quality. For this Tweeting consistency he has to be awarded top points. 


Overall Twitter experience - Barra is easily one of Northern Ireland’s top Tweeters and consistently provides the total Twitter experience.

Overall Barra Best Twitter Score - 33/35
There you have it, the highest ever scored on the Tweeter of the week; steaming past our 3 previous winners: Amanda Black, Mourne Seafood and Michael Deane.

All in all Barra Best is a textbook example of how to do Twitter well and unquestionably the Northern Ireland weatherman is a Tweeter that lawyers and law firms could and should learn from. So, big shout out to Barra and a massive congratulations for the  Top Tweeting! Keep up the good work!

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