Thursday, 18 October 2012

22% of US Consumers Use Social Media to Find Lawyer

We unveil some fascinating figures that will make you want to boost your firm's social media presence and online identity. Find out all about the statistics below!

In a recent article, available here, LexisNexis revealed that the latest research has shown that 22% of those who sought an attorney in the last year said they turned to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube to find a practitioner who they felt could help them with their legal problem.
Of the four social media platforms Facebook was the most popular among buyers of legal services: 11% of consumers admitted to using Facebook in order to find an attorney. Surprisingly only 6% of consumers used Twitter to find an attorney and the same percentage of consumers used LinkedIn or Youtube to find a lawyer.

These numbers really are fascinating and underscore in bold red pen the critical importance of maintaining a good online presence, not only on Twitter, but right across the social media spectrum.

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  1. A great article by on the topic with nice graphic included:


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