Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tweeter of the Week

We announce the third ever "Tweeter of the Week". To find out who the Tweeter is, read on!

We identified this week's “Tweeter of the Week” by scoring them on a number of criteria which make up good Tweeting: level of interaction and engagement, frequency of Tweets, aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page, biography, humour, the informativeness of their content, their consistency and the overall experience they give you.

And so the "Tweeter of the Week" award goes to…Michael Deane.

Michael Deane is the proprietor of Deane’s restaurant chain in Belfast. He Tweets from @MichaelDeane61 and does Twitter very well. Through his account he comes across as open, engaging, fun, cool, creative, trendy and up to date. So here's how he scored:

Level of interaction and engagement - Michael interacts reasonably well with '@mentions', '@replies' and retweets. He engages and promotes other chefs, others in the restaurant industry and what appear to be friends and even customers - although the last one is not altogether clear. Michael Deane also interacts with Oscar Knox which is great to see.


Frequency of Tweets - Michael is a very frequent Tweeter, Tweeting pretty much on the hour every hour, and sometimes on the minute every minute. Sometimes this can be annoying, but his Tweets aren't boring broadcasts but Michael being himself and letting his personality come through - and that's what Twitter was made for.

We haven't noticed any periods of prolonged inactivity which is great to see. This shows he really gets Twitter; either that or he's just addicted!


Biography - This is where last week's winner, Mourne Seafood, feel down. However Michael's Twitter bio is one of the best we have ever seen. It isn't stuffy or rigid but hip and funky and explains exactly what he does very simply and effectively.

Top marks here and others can learn from him.


Humour - we didn't see a comedian but nor did we see some dry, boring restaurateur. Again, like we said earlier through his Twitter feed Michael comes across as open and engaging and so he certainly hasn't been penalised in the scoring of this section.


Informativeness - Last week we gave Mourne Seafood full marks for their informativeness as they regularly produce tips and hints on food and diet.

Whilst Michael Deane Tweets a lot about food, especially pictures of food, we have yet to see any advice or suggestions on recipes, diets or the like. We could be wrong and he may well Tweet hints and tips but when we've looked we haven't seen any reason to believe so. So from what we saw we have to award fewer points.


Consistency - Michael Tweets with both quantity and quality and must be awarded top points for his Twitter consistency. 


Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page - like his Bio, Michael's Twitter page is one of the best we've seen and one that others can learn from. His picture is fantastic and intriguing at the same time. He also has a selection of food snaps and a great backdrop photo. The one weakness is that he could look into putting in a Twitter background.


Overall Twitter experience - Michael is a top Tweeter and one that others should follow if they want to know how to Tweet well. He should be commended for his work in promoting the cause of Oscar Knox and we wish him all the best as he fights for a full recovery.

Overall Michael Deane Twitter Score - 29.5/35

Just loses out to last week's winner, Mourne Seafood, by 0.5 points!

However unquestionably Michael Deane does Twitter very well and @MichealDeane61 is a model of Twitter best practice. So it's definitely one that lawyers and law firms could and should learn from.

Obviously the famous restaurateur isn't infallible and slipped up on a few things including interaction and informativeness. These are easily fixed and all in all we must give a massive congratulations to this week's "Tweeter of the Week"! Keep up the Tweeting!

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