Tuesday, 2 October 2012

12 Twitter Tips for Small Law Firms

Do you want to be HUGE on Twitter? Well follow these Twitter endorsed tips to find out how!

There's countless sources on the internet purporting to offer authoritative Tweeting guidance to the small business. Some of the sources are good, some are bad and others are just plain wrong. Obviously we're amazing at providing Twitter guidance to law firms!

However there is one source of information that offers Twitter tips better than all the rest: that's Twitter itself.

A paper produced by Twitter, available here, entitled, "Twitter for Small Business: A Guide to Get Started," provides the consummate guide on how small businesses can do Twitter well.

Whilst the information lays out how small businesses can do Twitter effectively, naturally the Tweeting advice applies readily to the modern law firm which faces many of the same problems that the average small business confronts. It's also clear that the hints and advice provided apply to the individual who uses Twitter just as much as any small business or law Firm!

So take note of everything below. Here it goes!

1. Understand the Basics of Posting a Tweet

The paper provides an anatomy of a good Tweet and further explains how you can produce strong Tweets. Specifically they encourage retweets, @replies and the inclusion of industry information and breaking news backed up by a link to the source. The paper also encourages small businesses to get involved in the wider debate through use of the hashtag; i.e #getinvolvedinthewiderdebate.

2. Compose a Strong Twitter Biography and Home Page

Businesses should take great time, care and attention when composing their Twitter profile so that it reflects their business. A drab appearance and a short and uninteresting bio just makes a company look lazy and disinterested. The paper also encourages businesses to include a link to their website, and also promotes the use of a header and background image.

3. Let Your Personality and Style Flow Through Twitter 

The Twitter report encourages small businesses to bring their account to life by letting their personality shine through. Tweets should be used to convey a businesses' style and voice. That means: don't put up an endless stream of boring corporate news; rather, Tweet about what your doing, how the day is and even Tweet a pic of the staff lunch. This makes a company look hip, up-to-date, open and personal - isn't that what you want?

4. Engage Your Audience

The report advises small businesses to listen to others and observe what other businesses are doing. They further advise small businesses to reply to others, retweet and favorite their posts.

5. Tweet Daily

How often should you Tweet? I hear that question all the time, unfortunately there's no right answer. There is however something that we're sure of: not Tweeting for even a day looks bad and out of it. So at the very least you should work to Tweet once a day.

We've already talked about this here, but it carries extra weight and authority when Twitter itself says so!

6. Plan Ahead

The Twitter report encourages small businesses to plan in advance a Tweet schedule. For example: Monday could be a special promotions day of Tweeting. Tuesday could be a day of posting behind the scene Twitter pics. Wednesday could be a day for offering helpful tips and advice. Thursday could focus on industry related news stories. Friday could focus on your people; so that means Tweeting pictures of your staff, interns and clients.

7. Tweet Something Sharable

This could involve Tweeting interesting news stories, quirky photos, funny videos, famous and inspiring quotes, even ask questions and then answer response with link.

8. Promote Your @username

Ensure that all your marketing efforts are coordinated: so include your @username on your business card, on your other social media channels, on your website, on your car, on the premises and on flyers. You could even create stickers for young people with your @username on it.

9. Create Tweets that Encourage Retweets

By doing this your profile can reach more Twitter users which should increase your exposure and naturally, your chances of gaining more followers. Idea: you could encourage Retweets by offering deals and incentives. Retweets are also more likely if your content is fresh, topical and of real interest to others.

10. Work with Others and Engage in Conversation

See a Tweet you like? Well respond, reply and give your opinion. It could lead down an interesting path. You can also look out similar businesses and chat with them and see if there is room for sharing of information and even collaboration.

11. Use Promoted Tweets

By using promoted Tweets you can amplify your message and increase your exposure among the wider Twitter community.

12. Monitor Twitter Usage

How can you know if your Tweeting well and establishing a presence on Twitter if you don't constantly monitor your performance? Answer: realistically you can't.

Therefore, track your follow base, track the number of your posts retweeted and even ask your followers if they're enjoying your Twitter experience. Use Google Analytics to see the level of traffic visiting your site. Ultimately by monitoring your Twitter-performance you'll gain more effective ways to engage with the Twitter community and then naturally, you can expect business growth.


Well there you go! These tips, hints and pointers come not from me, but straight from the mouth of Twitter! You can't get a better authority and expert on Twitter and Twitter best practice than that! So learn from the 12-pointers, apply them and then let me know how things go!

How do you feel about the advice: is it invaluable, mediocre or useless? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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