Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday Tweeter of the Week

The Tweeting Laywer announces its Tweeter of the Week and awards the 'Tuesday Tweeter' title to the week past's savviest Tweeter.

We looked at the following criteria: frequency of Tweets, quality of Tweets, informativeness, whether they were topical and the overall consistency and message of the Twitter feed.

So here's the first ever Tuesday Tweeter of the Week:


This is the Twitter account of Rebecca Black of the News Letter. We chose her account because of Rebecca's strong coverage of Friday's joint DUP-UUP Covenant dinner which included up to the minute reporting as well as personal and humorous Tweets that went beyond the normal dry content that journalists broadcast. Her news feed was also strong on Saturday and provided good analysis and reporting on the Covenant parade. She also covered the now infamous Nick Griffen Tweet and generally provided informative Tweets that kept the Northern Ireland Twitter community thoroughly up to date on the good and bad of the day.

Her overall consistency of Tweeting was also very strong and going into the week her analysis and content remained strong as she covered the same-sex-marriage debate at Stormont, the John McCallister sacking and kept us all up to date with the Nick Griffen developments.

There are very few criticisms that can be delivered. The one principle downside to her Twitter concerns @hackedoffhack's Twitter page. It's clear it could be updated with an interesting background. She could also think about using the new format and even think towards starting a blog and including that in her bio.

All things considered @hackedoffhack's Tweeting over the past week has been a great lesson on how to do Twitter well: keeping content informative and up to date and most importantly, her Tweeting was personal, engaging and interactive.

Twitter for Law Firms Twitter score: 8.5/10

What does this have to do with a law practice keen to build a presence on Twitter? 

Put simply: the Twitter skills and habits of #TopTweeters such @hackedoffhack are illustrative of how to do Twitter well.

Whilst not directly applicable to a law practice, the basics of Rebecca's Tweeting approach, style and manner can give lawyers and law practice professionals an idea of how to do the Twitter basics well. If they can replicate the open and informative style of Tweeters like @hackedoffhack they can begin to build a reputation as firstly, a source of strong information and secondly, an personal and interactive Tweeter.

Do this and soon you'll have a big community of followers.

Tweeting Twonk of the Week:

The Tweeting Lawyer appoints his worst Tweeter of the week.

From this award law firms can get an idea of what NOT to do on Twitter. It may seem obvious but it's good to spell things out.


The leader of the British National Party gatecrashed the Covenant centenary celebrations at Stormont on Saturday and was largely given the cold shoulder. He is a prolific Tweeter and made the Twitter and mainstream media headlines for Tweeting possibly one of Northern Ireland's most divisive, derogatory and inflammatory Tweets when he called Catholics 'fenians'.

This comment struck a nerve and rightly triggered an angry backlash from Protestants and Catholics alike.

It was a most ill-placed and distasteful Tweet and underlines his status as a Tweeting Twonk.

Twitter for Law Firms Twitter Score: 0/10

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