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The Tweeter of the Week

The Tweeting Lawyer announces the winner of the second ever "Tweeter of the Week" award. To find out who the Northern Ireland Tweeter is, read on!

We identified this week's Top Tweeter by scoring them on a number of criteria which we feel make up for a strong Twitter experience: level of interaction and engagement, frequency of Tweets, aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page, biography, humour, the informativeness of their content, their consistency and the overall experience they give you.

Drum roll...and the winner of the "Tweeter of the Week" award goes to: Mourne Seafood! 

We at the Twitter for Law firms have been bowled over by the total Twitter experience that Mourne Seafood gives you - it's open, engaging, fun, light hearted and even informative! So here's how they scored:

Level of interaction and engagement - Mourne seafood interacts with customers and fans of the restaurants with '@mentions', '@replies' and even hits off on the elusive reTweets button - talk about top quality client engagement! They even engage with other restaurants and business and, of special note, they talk and engage with aspiring chefs - massive points for that! That is after all what you call corporate social responsibility or restaurant social responsibility or whatever way you want to put it. They also put up Twitter pics and food tips and ideas. Here's an example of client engagement: 

Delicious dinner  with 'Cagney and Lacey', two esteemed former colleagues, to mark our "anniversary". How time flies


Frequency of Tweets - Mourne Seafood are really switched on when it comes to Twitter and it's evident by the frequency of their Tweets. Whilst some other businesses Tweet once a day, maybe don't post anything for a few days or even park their account for a few months, Mourne Seafood Tweets pretty damn regularly. Anything from once every hour or so, right up to nearly a dozen or so Tweets in 60 minutes. And interestingly it's not overkill. Why's that? Yes others are infamous for Tweeting too much (Eamonn Mallie), however Mourne Seafood's Twitter feed covers such a broad range of topics that their Tweeting isn't irritating.


Biography - you may think that your Twitter bio isn't a big deal, however you'd be wrong. Those few words speak volumes: they tell us how much effort you've put into putting together your Twitter page; they tell us if your stiff and corporate, or, if you're loose and open; and importantly, they tell us exactly who you are and what you do.

Mourne Seafood's bio definitely isn't stiff and rigid. It looks like they've put thought into it and generally we get the impression from it that they're pretty laid back and personable, which of course is a very good thing. They also note their two locations and include a link to their website which is critical! However they don't have a blog..tut tut! Also their Twitter name and '@username' are the same; they could give some thought towards experimenting with a catchy '@username'....just a suggestion! 


Humour - these fishy restaurateurs definitely get humour and they're even topically aware! Below is an example of a Tweet that is both informative and humourous:

M1 bumper to bumper - thanks danny kennedy !

It was that good it even got a reTweet!


Informativeness - Mourne Seafood is very informative, producing tips and hints on food and diet as well as information on the general goings on, as per the Tweet above regarding the traffic! What impressed the Tweeting Lawyer the most was the Tweet below:

Eating fish in pregnancy may protect child from ADHD: research

The Tweeting Lawyer is actually expecting a baby this Christmas and found this Tweet hugely informative and I'm sure that others did. This shows a company that is committed to informing others - a Twitter must.


Consistency - as we touched on earlier Mourne Seafood Tweets with quantity and importantly, quality. We haven't seen the account parked or left to lie for any prolonged period of time, which is commendable! Their level of engagement and informativeness remains consistently strong. 


Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page - We purposely left this til last because, and we say with regret, the first impressions of the Mourne Seafood Twitter page aren't so impressive. This is critical because we can often be fickle and shallow characters who count looks ahead of what's inside. So by having a Twitter account that isn't the most pleasing to the eye Mourne Seafood risks browser bounce. That's when people come to the page, make an split second superficial judgement and leave. 

What is lacking: they don't have a Twitter background, the Twitter pic is a little uninspiring and finally they have the old style Twitter page layout.

Check the pic below for some Twitter best practice:

However, this is its only real weakness and is easily addressed. If they were to give a little thought to producing a Twitter layout like the one above, Mourne Seafood could really up their Twitter Game.


Overall Twitter experience - the Twitter experience is the experience you get from following someone. What they bring to the table, how they help you and how they brighten up your day and as a Tweeter Mourne Seafood does this very well. Clearly Mourne Seafood is a top Tweeter and one we recommend you to follow for the Twitter experience they give you. 

Mourne Seafood does Twitter very very well. We would even go as far to say they are one of Northern Ireland's best and unquestionably a model of Twitter best practice. So it's definitely one that lawyers and law firms could learn from.

However the seafood restaurant isn't infallible and slipped up on aesthetics and its bio. Again, these are easily fixed. But all in all, a massive congratulations to this week's Tweeter of the Week and all that remains to say is: keep up the good Tweeting!

Overall Mourne Seafood Twitter Score - 30/35

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