Friday, 17 May 2013

The Most Comprehensive Blog on Why You Need to Blog

Michael Gass (@michaelgass) has penned what I regard to be probably the best blog on why businesses need to blog. I could write about an essay on why businesses need to blog but in this instance it's best to make note of his Eweighty authority. Michael gives 10 core reasons why to blog. Here they are:

1. Generate more online trafffic
2. Prospects can easily find you through a good blog
3. A positioning tool
4. Your own focus group for new business
5. The recycling of older content for greater ROI
6. A pipeline for consistent lead generation
7. Leading with client benefits instead of agency benefits
8. A professional enrichment tool
9. Enhances network and referrals
10. A call-to-action converting blog visitors into new business opportunities

Though of all the points made I found a excerpt from his introduction the most critical. Michael said of blogging:
'My blog has served as a key tool for my personal continuing education program. It brought focus to my reading and writing along with the discovery enriching online resources that fuel both content created from other sources and original content.'
If your guaranteed get one thing out of blogging it's this: a personal development/learning tool and a centralised database of all your thinking.

Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) said in 'From Philosophical Training to Professional Blogging' that blogging is an iterative discovery tool. Fellow discussion panellist Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) said something to similar effect: that blogging is a journey of learning. He also made a point that is very important to be made.

I paraphrase Andrew Sullivan:
'Blogging is not about producing a polishing article. That would be to mistake the form.'
You can read Michael's essay here: '10 Prime Time Benefits of Blogging for New Business'.

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