Thursday, 23 May 2013

Paul Tweed on the Defamation Act

From the out set Paul has been an advocate for upholding the old legal code which is in line with the Republic of Ireland.

He certainly didn't like it on April 25 when the Defamation Bill became good law.

Two days earlier he had suggested that Belfast could become capital for libel tourists:

He obviously didn't enjoy what he perceived as the one sided nature of the libel reform debate in Northern Ireland which he said was heavy on the pro-implementation corner. He said on Twitter over a series of tweets over a number of weeks:

Then something else must have come up:

This was in response to the write up by Liam Clarke who profiled Paul Tweed. Read that here. Interestingly he said in the write up that he prefers to stand in Dublin as opposed to Belfast.

He clearly rebuts in the tweet below claims by Dr Colm Murphy who suggested that the non-implementation of the law could scare off investors.

Further rebuttal to claims that Northern Ireland has been short changed:

An interesting interaction with Newton Emerson (@NewtonEmerson):

In his interaction with Newton Emerson Tweed again rebuts earlier claims from Dr Colm Murphy that the old libel code could scare off investors. That was again in response to a Newton Emerson tweet:

Asked for an opinion on the legislative isolationism Newton Emerson responds:


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