Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Getting to Know the Client is the Biggest Challenge for BigLaw in Next 5 Years

Above the Law recently interview Larren M Nashelsky of Morrison Foerster, the law firm otherwise known as MoFo. What a cool name.

They put to Larren 10 questions; but here's what I regard as the most important and the most telling about where the high end legal profession is going in the next half decade. Above the Law asked:
"What is the greatest challenge to the legal industry over the next 5 years?"
Larren responds:
"To constantly demonstrate to clients the value of high-end legal services. In doing so, Biglaw needs to continue to push itself to better understand its clients’ business, culture, work style, industry, and markets. Then we need to use that information and knowledge to provide clients with, what in their eyes, is value."
See the interview in full here


  1. Getting to know the client is always the most important/difficult part to being a Cambridge personal injury lawyer. I would definitely recommend face to face meetings to really get to know the client and their needs.


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