Thursday, 20 December 2012

Twitter gearing up for IPO

Everyone knows Bloomberg radio is the place for authoritative economic news but it's also a great source for the latest tech news.

The latest tech news coming out of the Bloomberg Radio studio is that we can expect to see Twitter move onto a public exchange in the not too distant future. Twitter decision makers will have the benefit of learning from the disastrous May 2012 Facebook IPO.

We all know what happened then. Led by Michael Grimes of Morgan Stanley the Facebook initial public offering started off strong with big sales and then it tanked (from $38 - $20). The stock suffered a massive drop from which it has yet to recover. Obviously this had big knock on effects for the social networking site and the wider economy.

Twitter’s already known for being a big competitor for Facebook so these make for interesting times.

The question is when exactly Twitter will make the move. The noise online says that 2013 is the year it could happen. The other main question is which investment bank will take on the assignment? It’ll hardly be Morgan Stanley but will the others be reluctant to take it on? Will the banker-bashing and recent fines dictate how Twitter chose their facilitator? Then lastly which exchange will they list on?  

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  1. Max Wolf of Greencrest financial has said that we can expect a Twitter move to Wall Street in the next 18-24 months. He floated a figure of $11bn! Here's the link to what was said:


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