Thursday, 13 December 2012

NI Tweeter of the Week:@birdcagebelfast

Another week has passed and so we must announce the latest “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week.” Ewing’s fishmongers won it last time round but who will they pass the title onto this week?

The last 7 days threw up some great tweeting and the competition was tremendously tight and so in order to pick a winner we referred throughout the process to the usual criteria: level of interaction, frequency of tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, informativeness, consistency, photos and overall Twitter experience.

This is an award that pays tribute to Northern Ireland’s most proficient and compelling professional tweeters and showcases just how they do it. And so we’re delighted to announce Birdcage Belfast (@birdcagebelfast) as the latest winner of the “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award”.

Birdcage Belfast is an exciting restaurant that really breaks the mould. Inside they have a fantastic food and drinks menu, a great selection of art, quirky events and a wonderful all weather al fresco patio out the front with hot duvets included!

But they’re not just great offline; their online Twitter performance is equally as impressive. Their page is vibrant and exciting, regularly updated and their posts are fresh and engaging. They really are a fine example of a small business using Twitter effectively to build brand awareness and to present themselves as cool and funky and essentially, somewhere that you’d like to eat at.

So enough of that for now, we will now provide a breakdown of how Birdcage scored and present exactly how these guys won it. So now we present how they scored across the various criteria.

Level of interaction and engagement – Birdcage regularly engage with the customers and fans which is really fantastic to see. They also post funny and interesting tweets as well as information and updates about the restaurant. By doing so they are showing they are open and friendly and that they really cherish their clients.

It’s also great to see them tweet and engage with other businesses and restaurants!


Frequency of Tweets – Birdcage Belfast have struck a nice balance with Twitter, posting not too often and not too little, but somewhere in the middle which is just right.


Biography – We absolutely loved the Birdcage bio. We always say the bio is critical but these guys have nailed it – both funky and present the core of what they do across very effectively. Slight slip up with the smallest of typos but nearly full marks for this!


Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page – Fantastic aesthetics; not the best we’ve ever seen but they’re up there and pushing the best.


Informativeness – This is another great strength of Birdcage as they post fresh and informative content that makes you want to follow them. It’s also content that shows that these guys are up to date and exciting.

Deane’s and Mourne Seafood have been previous winners and they were commended highly for their food related tweeting. For example they tweeted food and recipe tips, health tips and even snaps of some of the plates – how appealing!

Maybe birdcage is doing this but we didn’t notice it in the week past and that’s what counts so they must be marked down for this.


Consistency – Birdcage Belfast are great tweeters but the odd period of silence can appear for a day or two. For some people this isn’t an issue and some profess the benefit of leaving the Twitter feed for a day or two but our Twitter philosophy is to Tweet at least once a day event to say hi – you never know who’s watching!


Photos – This was yet another stand out strong point for Birdcage Belfast. They post photos on a fairly regular basis and so their photo stream is a great asset on their page which complements and reinforces the strong aesthetics elsewhere on the feed.


Twitter experience – some people don’t get Twitter but these guys have cracked it and they provide the sort of Twitter experience that others should aspire to.


Overall Birdcage Twitter Score – 34/40

Well there you go the latest winner of the latest “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week” and a very respectable score!  

Competition drives standards and so by  having this competition and showcasing the best tweeters such as Birdcage we really hope that others can begin to understand the science of Twitter and that Northern Ireland plc and small businesses can become the best in the business.


  1. Brian

    I love how you're craftily turning your what makes a great Twitter account research into blog posts. ;)

    This means I'm going to have to read them all now. Just incase I'm missing something.


  2. thanks and feel free to read away! Keep up the tweeting and you may be in the race some week!


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