Monday, 10 December 2012

GT Law: Reimagining Law Practice

GT Law are a vibrant law firm who are turning the tradition model of law practice on it's head
Under a backdrop of economic turmoil and corporate pain the legal industry is undergoing some radical changes. The traditional model of legal practice is being turned on its head. No longer can solicitors be specialism-specific technocrats. Clients want more for less, they want value-added services and they want commercially aware client-centric advisors who know them and their market intimately.

And here's the methodologically rigorous evidence from the FT that backs all this up.

It really is a matter of adapt or die. To adapt all that law firms need to do is adopt the points addressed by the FT research paper above. But to be really competitive and to win a seizeable market share law firms need to go further. They need to push the boat out and reimagine the way that law is practiced. For some reasons lawyers feel obliged to hold on to the tradition, pomp and routine.

Yes the break with the traditional model is daring - but he who dares, wins!

One example of a law firm who's adopting changes and adapting their practice is GT Law Solicitors. They have totally turned the old model on it's head and present themselves as a vibrant and dynamic law firm. They have colourful and exciting branding and shop front. At first glance they give off a welcome that would make you think that they're a bank or an estate agents - not a personal injury solicitors. They must have been listening to the guys at Elephant Creative LLP, where they wrote on that topic, here.

Here's a video GT Law did recently - how cool is this!

GT Law are really pushing the boundaries of received wisdom and leading in a vanguard of legal change. They are a firm that is easily setting the benchmark and setting the standards for others to follow. For this is the future of law practice.

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