Friday, 23 November 2012

Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week

The Tweeting Lawyer is delighted to lift the curtain on the 5th ever “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award”. The premier Award for Tweeting excellence that recognises and pays tribute to Northern Ireland Tweeters who Tweet with class and potency and who set the standard for others to follow. 

And remember that’s what this Award is all about: it’s not just an acknowledgement of top Tweeting but also a chance to show other businesses, especially law firms, how Twitter should be done. Anyway we've had some fantastic winners so far and this week’s winner has been no different. 

As usual the competition was very fierce and so in order to identify a winner we had to look at some very specific criteria: level of interaction, frequency of Tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, informativeness, consistency and overall Twitter experience.

We only came to a unanimous decision after much deliberation and so we are particularly delighted to announce the winner of the 5th ever “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award” as Wagamama Belfast  (@wagamamabelfast).

Wagamama are a forward thinking and exciting asian-inspired noodle restaurant who Tweet with both style and potency. A real Twitter-role model for others to look up to! So here’s a breakdown of how this week’s winners of the “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award” performed:

Level of interaction and engagement – Wagamama are a very interactive Tweeter and they engage openly and freely with ‘@mentions’, ‘@replies’ and retweets. Their Twitter interactions are focused heavily on the business side of things but always remain open and friendly.

Frequency of Tweets – Wagamama Tweet regularly and consistently, and send of fun deals, hellos and general interactions. We have yet to see any periods of prolonged inactivity which is great to see.

Biography –  Wagamama’s bio is short and punchy however quite quickly it becomes clear that words are not capitalised where they should be and one of the sentences isn't finished. As they say, it’s the little things that count. In everything a business does they should be projecting a message that they are diligent and accurate across all aspects. However untidy sentences don’t exactly look great. A minor issue that is easily fixed but the score must reflect this weakness.

Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page – This criteria easily makes up for the earlier slip-up as Wagamama’s page is really very good. It’s colourful, punchy, open, welcoming and energetic. They've also updated to the latest format and have uploaded a background pic which really shows they’re a progressive company and up to date. Part of the make up of anyone’s Twitter page is the photo section and if you haven’t uploaded any you’ll have an empty area  on your page which will clash with the rest of the window. But not Wagamama. They have a fantastic selection of photos which reinforces the strength of the page. So it’s top points for a top Twitter page.

Informativeness – This is another slight weakness of Wagamama’s as a lot of their content is business related and very much about Wagamama. The principles of informativeness are simple: share news, interesting facts and goings on. People want to hear what’s going on in the world, that’s why they say: sharing’s caring. And if Wagamama are looking for suggestion you could always Tweet interesting food facts, noodle facts, health tips or even cooking advice! It’s as simple as that.

Consistency – Wagamama always Tweets strong content and we can’t really fault them here.

Twitter experience – Wagamama have really established their place and made themselves known on Twitter. They have a great number of follower, a great level of interaction, a familiarity and some fantastic deals and prizes on offer. The Tweet4Noodles competition is a particular favourite of ours and easily something that other businesses could quite easily learn from and implement. A top quality business Tweeter who consistently provide a top Twitter experience.

Overall Wagamama Twitter Score – 27/35
Well there you have it, a very respectful score that competes with the best out there. Yes Wagamama had a few slip ups but these were minor and can easily be fixed. In the main part they are a top Tweeter who’re setting the standard for others to follow. Keep on Tweeting!

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