Thursday, 15 November 2012

Digital Lawyer: Are You Dangerously Out of Touch?

If you don't do social media you could be seen as out of touch and snooty

Since you're reading this it's likely that you're involved in law and have an appreciation for social media. However to what degree are you doing social media? Are you outside looking in or are you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Do you listen, engage, interact regularly and influence others? Do you post daily and often or have you just parked your social media account?

For many involved in law social media is hard. They know they should be online and building a digital identity but they struggle with the uncertainty of it all. But it's like anything, it just takes time, effort and hard work. Some who work in law may say that they're content with just having a presence and doing the bare minimum. Other dismiss social media altogether and say it has no role for them.

Both types are equally wrong. Dismissing and not doing social media is very bad practice. And not doing social media right can be just as bad. Both risk projecting an image of a firm and a lawyer that is behind the times, unresponsive and as a Lexis Nexis report put it: "dangerously out of touch." You can read about this and more here.

What they said in full was: "lawyers that don’t follow the right client or media feeds can risk being perceived as dangerously out of touch when crucial developments affect their clients business.” So can you risk not doing social media or not doing social media right? Lexis Nexis is a weighty authority and she has spoken: don't do social media and you could be seen as dangerously out of touch.

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