Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Digital Law Student: The Power of Creating a Digital Identity.

Are you going to be an old-school law student, or are you going to be a Digital Law Student?
Have you ever thought about building an online brand? If not, you should. Whether you’re still in high school or college and want to study law, or whether you’re a Law School fresher, in final year or an employed or unemployed law graduate you should embrace the power of the internet to mould and promote your very own personal and professional legal brand.

We live in a Digital World, a vast dynamic realm that is growing at a phenomenal and exponential rate. People all around the world are staking their claim and colonising the Digital Land and reaping returns. Are you part of this New World? Maybe you have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, maybe even LinkedIn. But are you leveraging the potential that these digital channels offer or are you just coasting through your Digital Life?

If so, you’re missing out. If you’re aspiring to go to Law School, if you’re a law student or a law graduate do not underestimate the power and unfettered potential of the internet and the Digital World. As the funky Google Chrome advert here says: the internet is what you make of it. You can get on social media, start a blog and even have your very own website.

The possibilities of the Digital World are limitless – that is of course, so long as you do things right. You could just use social media and the internet it to chat and coast through life. Or, you could embrace the web for its true meaning and use the multiplicity of Digital Avenues to develop skills, listen, engage, interact, influence, drive conversation and show innovative thought.

Find a niche topic, subject-matter, interest or area and work on it. Go deep on it. So if you’re a law student with an interest in criminal law find your place on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook etc., find the criminal law community, start a criminal law related blog and start to follow trends, news. From this position you can begin to influence others and build a strong online identity.

It’s as simple as that. If you do this you’ll soon find your place in law’s Digital World. If you do things right you should start to make Digital Friends, you’ll gain a sense of belonging and a realisation that you have an online identity. Work on that identity, hone it and shape and you will go far. It wouldn’t be abnormal for you to land a job or even a career, like me, thanks to the Digital World. Just do it!

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I read this blog post with interest.

    With your permission I’d like to repost it on our company blog. We are looking for articles that support our message, specifically the importance of Digital Identity and would love to add yours as a guest blog post.

    Obviously we will clearly identify that you are the author and will place links back to you and the original post. Please let me know if this is OK?

    Steve Fells - CEO


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