Friday, 16 November 2012

Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week

Boojum don't just do killer Mexican food - they're also Top Tweeters!
At Twitter for Law Firms we’re delighted to lift the curtain on and unveil the winner of the latest “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award”. An Award of Tweeting excellence that recognises and pays tribute to Tweeters who Tweet with class and potency and who set the standard for others to follow.

We’ve been greatly impressed by the level and quality of Tweeting going on in Northern Ireland in recent months and to pick this week’s winner we had to look at some very specific criteria: level of interaction, frequency of Tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, informativeness, consistency and overall Twitter experience.

The competition has been incredibly tight and we only came to a unanimous decision after much deliberation. So on the occasion of the fifth ever “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week” we’re pleased to announce Boojum (@boojum_belfast) as the latest winner of the “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award”.

Boojum are a fresh, exciting and energetic burrito bar who consistently push the boundaries of what we come to expect. Their in-shop experience is undoubtedly one of the best but their online presence is equally as potent. Their Tweeting is open, personably and friendly and really reaches out to burrito fans and the local community. Here’s a breakdown of how the latest winners of the “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week Award” performed:

Level of interaction and engagement – Boojum really reaches out on Twitter and has a real positive presence. They engage freely with fellow Tweeters, followers and fans and interact with ‘@mentions’, ‘@replies’ and retweets. Their Twitter interactions focus on their food and products and the general goings on. The posts are now mindless broadcasts but lively, interesting and personable Tweets. Certainly they’re just as likely to have a chat or a bit of fun with followers as to push their product. Overall Boojum are an example of one of the most interactive personalities on Twitter which is a wonderful attribute to have.

Frequency of Tweets – Boojum have found the perfect balance: while they Tweet very regularly they aren’t over-bearing but as their content is informative and light hearted. We have yet to see any periods of prolonged absence and their consistency of Tweeting is admirable.

Biography – The bio is another strength; it’s light, open, friendly and sets just the right tone. We have seen jazzier examples but this is still a real strenght

Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page – Boojum’s page is pretty good. Punchy, open, welcoming and energetic; however they have the old format and an uninspiring background. All in all the Boojum Twitter page is very good but we do think it could improved.  

Informativeness – Boojum are really into their fans and followers and because of that they are hugely interactive. However they aren’t so much into sharing interesting news and articles the way others may be. It’s not a matter of not sharing, not caring but we do think that Boojum could think about bringing in some interesting and informative content into their daily Tweeting itinerary.

Consistency – Boojum Tweet with real flair, energy and engage with their fans in quantity and quality. For this they’ve been awarded top Tweeting points.

Twitter experience – We marked Boojum down earlier for not being so informative but this doesn’t detract from the Twitter experience they offer. They are unquestionably one of the funkiest and hip personalities you could come across on Twitter and for that they must be awarded full points.

Overall Twitter Score – 30.5/35
There you have it a great score as Boojum scoop the fifth ever “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the week Award”. Boojum certainly aren't textbook but nonetheless they’re a fine example of how to do Twitter well and unquestionably they’re a Tweeter that lawyers and law firms could learn from. So, big shout out to the Boojum team and massive congratulations for some Top Tweeting - keep up the good work!

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