Monday, 24 September 2012

The Perils of Not Joining Twitter

This blog is all about helping lawyers who can't tweet good. But this post will look at what a law firm can expect from not doing Twitter at all.

As the tweeting lawyer noted here, Twitter done right is a fantastic marketing and business development tool, it's good for client and customer care and for promoting good relations, business and market research, pitching ideas, engaging with opinion formers and for showing thought leadership.

The law firm that doesn't have a Twitter presence will therefore miss out on all of these opportunities. But there is more to not doing Twitter than just losing out on the benefits we noted above. The law firm that doesn't do Twitter risks making itself look out of touch and behind the times. 

I don't need to tell you that the world is changing before our very eyes and we're living in an increasingly digitalised world. A direct consequence of this is that consumers, customers and clients are changing their behavior. Countless consumers have Twitter, facebook and Google+ and this is where they do their business and keep up on the goings on of the world.

So if you're a law firm and you're not doing the in thing - Twitter - you're kinda' putting yourself out there as different and a bit out of it. 

This was noted in a recent White Paper, available here, that said: “lawyers that don’t follow the right client or media feeds can risk being perceived as dangerously out of touch when crucial developments affect their clients business.”

You can say what you want, but Twitter is a boon industry that is enjoying exponential growth and ever growing influence; and the benefits it can bring to businesses are clear to see. 

So, dare you risk missing out on everybody's big thing? 

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