Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How Well do Law Firms in Northern Ireland Do Twitter?

In an earlier post we looked at how law firms across the world use twitter, but how are law firms in Northern Ireland doing on the Twittersphere?

To find out we will compare and critique the Twitter accounts of the top 12 Corporate and M&A law firms in Northern Ireland as noted by the Legal500, which can be seen here.


A&L Goodbody

The leading corporate and commercial firm has a Twitter account with 400 followers, however the firm doesn’t follow anyone else on Twitter. This screams of someone who is disinterested and self-focused. Scanning the Twitter feed we can see the content is dry and certainly not for the lay person. The firm also tweets infrequently. The Twitter feed shows no sign of client or third party interaction or engagement. Rather it is being used as an uninteresting broadcasting tool.

The general aesthetics of the Twitter page are dry, the bio is ok. All in all much more could be done.

Arthur Cox

This top firm of solicitors was called by the Legal500 'a leading force in the market' that is 'alive to the wider issues'. 

However, it is not alive to Twitter. It misses out big time.

Carson McDowell

This Belfast based firm has a Twitter account with 20 followers. Its aesthetics are quite good with a nice picture and background. However it's clear that the firm doesn't have a Twitter strategy because it hasn’t posted since June 2012. It's also clear that the firm doesn't get the point of Twitter because when it did Tweet the content was dry and deeply unappealing.

Pinsent Masons Belfast LLP

This international law firm with a presence in Belfast has a Twitter account with nearly 1,500 followers. However it only follows one other person on Twitter; this shows a complete disinterest and unwillingness to engage. Furthermore it’s twitter feed is dry, broadcasting law stuff that means nothing to the lay community. 

It could do with a coherent and targeted Twitter strategy specifically for its Belfast office. 


Aspiring law firm that, unfortunately, doesn't do Twitter.


Cleaver Fulton Rankin 

Strong law firm that, again, doesn't do Twitter.

Mills Selig

A firm with strength and depth that, like others, doesn't do Twitter.


C & H Jefferson

Again, no Twitter here.

Elliott Duffy Garrett

No Twitter.


John McKee and Son

No Twitter.

Millar McCall Wylie

This leaner corporate firm has Twitter, however it last posted on March 15 2012. Further to that, posts that preceded its last tweet came monthly. One positive was that the content that did appear months ago seemed interesting and engaging. However its bio was rather dull and Twitter pic was exceptionally boring. 

On the whole the MMW twitter experience was poor.

O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors

No Twitter

Well there you go: the first review of how well Northern Ireland law firms do Twitter. 

Our conclusion: not very well!

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