Monday, 24 September 2012

1 in 10 Scottish Law Firms Use Twitter

It's been said many times before and I'll say it again: law firms aren't so hot on the old Twitter front.

The latest figures back this up; so what are the actual numbers?

Well according to the media and marketing web resource, the DRUM, a recent report has shown that only 10% of Scottish law firms are actively using Twitter. Available here, the editor of the DRUM added that many industry commentators feel that 10% represents the ball park figure for Twitter usage by law firms across the UK.

The reasons for not using Twitter are understandable: lawyers are very busy, many aren't familiar with computers and web applications and legal training has focused lawyers on the written law so lawyers are conditioned not to seek process improvement.

However one excuse doesn't cut it and one that I hear too often: that Twitter has no place in a law firm, or that Twitter cannot bring any value to a law firm.

These excuse are not only wrong but can be damaging to your firm!

In the last post, available here, I outlined what benefits a law firm can expect to reap from a strong Twitter presence. Take heed of them, apply them and connect with your clients and prospective clients.

The figures on Twitter usage by Scottish law firms and the comments on Twitter use by UK law firms aren't startling. However we now know what can be done, so get out there and get tweeting.

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