Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Justin Green on the power of Twitter

Justin Green on the right pictured during another interview.
The Nebraskan native and DC-blogger (at the Washington Examiner) Justin Green (@JGreenDC) sat down with fellow blogger Matt Lewis to discuss a range of topics including Twitter and blogging (listen here). Here's some interesting snippets. On the power of Twitter Justin said:
"For young journalists it's the greatest networking tool in the world. It's how I got my start in DC. You follow someone and interact with them; if they like what you're doing they'll follow you back."
Justin then explained how exactly Twitter has served him personally. He said:
"It's how I started with you [Matt Lewis]. It's how I got started working with my current boss David [Frum] (Justin is no longer with the Daily Beast)."
Asked to explain why Andrew Sullivan is such a powerful blogger, Justin Green responded like this:
"I read Sully everyday. I check his blog every few hours. And part of what makes him such a great blogger is that he is such a frustrating blogger. A really good blogger is almost manic-depressive. They're go from these soaring highs of hope and terrible bottom lows. That's why during the election [Presidential race 2012] he was so compelling."
 Justin Green then commented on Sullivan's recent move that established the Dish as an independent, ad-free blog wholly supported by a subscriptions.
I'm excited about his project. I think that's probably about where the future of blogging is. I don't necessarily know about journalism."

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